We are a GISHWHES team, secret society, drinkers of tea, kickers of asses, & eaters of kale. Runner up 2012, 2013 & 2014; participants 2011.


witchandmoan in the King of the Nerds season 3 promo (x)


Best of luck and many blessings of kale to Heather as she battles for the nerd crown on King of the Nerds. ~Team Widdermacker

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Jellyfish PSA

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Its official, even the Elopus ships us together.

Its official, even the Elopus ships us together.

witchandmoan said: I love your team and everything you’re about so much. Well played, friends. Well played.

—What a coincidence. We love everything you are about!

We found you in…

Item 183: GISHWHES conquers space!
We wanted to do something awesome for the space item this year, so we sent a high altitude weather balloon into the earth’s orbit.

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